Top 8 Must-Have Accessories for Public Relations Pros

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slightly savvy must have accessories for pr pros

Titling a blog post, “Top 8” brings me back to my Myspace days aka the struggle of picking your top 8 friends..

Anyways, on to more important things. Like accessories.

1. Awesome travel mug

First, I learned making my own coffee at home saves me HUNDREDS of dollars. Instead of going to Panera every morning for their delish hazelnut coffee, I bought it in bulk on Amazon and brew it at home.

Second, a cool travel mug is essential in motivating me to make my own coffee. It’s dumb, but the thought of putting it in a cute lil mug makes me want to bring it, not buy it.

♡ more great coffee

Starbucks cold brew

Nespresso Melozio (medium roast, Nespresso level 6)

Starbucks K-cup variety pack

cute travel mugs 

TEA travel mug

Another adorable Kate Spade mug because, you know

Contigo travel mug (not the cutest but NEVER spills)

be basic with this Starbucks mug

BPA free glass mug w/ straw – perf for cold brew

2. Sleek phone case

Ditch the sparkly bow phone case, and invest in a sleek and chic phone case.

Nothing says unprofessional quicker to me than someone whipping out their pink owl phone in a meeting.

3. A Moleskin

For all the times you can’t bring a laptop, a moleskin is the ultimate classy way to take notes. I like to keep my Moleskin basic black.

This one transfers your writing in the notebook to an app. Cool, right?

♡ other chic but fun notebooks

4. Chic laptop case

You’re seeing a theme here, right? Keep all your tech enclosed in cool, sophisticated cases.

Toss the laptop case with band stickers, Vineyard Vines logo, and rainbow keyboard cover. It’s unique and you, but does it give off the best first impression?

TopCase makes sleek + colorful laptop cases for Macbooks. I’ve had 3 now, and for $15, you can’t beat them.

5. Glass water bottles

Swell water bottles are all the rage now.

(Hopefully) you’re drinking your weight in water throughout the day. Next time you go into a meeting, don’t bring your ratty Daiquiri Deck cup.

♡ other cool water bottles

swell water bottle – white marble

BPA free water bottle 

6. Professional manicure

I would have to shoot myself if I was spending $20/week on a professional manicure because honestly, that’s a waste of money.

Teach yourself how to do a basic manicure. I used to be the worst at painting my own nails (think kindergartner at arts + crafts time)

This is the tutorial I used (via Cupcakes and Cashmere), and it helped tremendously. Also, practice makes perfect as usual.

If you don’t feel like painting your nails, just keep them free of color but well-kept. You don’t have to break out a new Essie color every week to keep your nails looking good.

7. Shoes. Let’s get some shoes.

Classic shoes are soo important for PR. What I love about PR is the balance between trendy and traditional.

There are some PR methods that are tried-and-true. They will never fail you. But a critical point of PR is being on the cutting-edge of industry trends. So, I love the balance that has to be maintained.

Your clothing is a direct correlation of that.

Start with a basic black and nude in every style (think flats + pumps).

Pet peeve of mine? Designer logos should be NO BIGGER than your fist. Ditch your Michael Kors printed sneakers, please.

8. Chic handbag

I’m not a believer in spending $600 on a purse. It is literally something you throw your stuff in.

I also know you can find quality for a lot less, and if you really really want a certain designer, shop their sales.

I love Kate Spade bags because they’re super high quality with a great design. They’ll never go out of style, plus Kate Spade was a Kappa, so really, I’m just supporting a sister.

And Kate Spade has tons of flash sales. Wait around for those, and you can get $500 bags for $150.

9. The most amazing calendar app


I have literally found the Holy Grail of calendar apps – Busy Cal. I’m planning to break down my entire calendar usage in a future post, but right now, you guys need to be told about this app.slightly savvy accessories for public relations pros

It syncs across all devices – my Macbook Pro, iPhone, and my work computer.

I searched so far and so wide for a calendar app that gave me all the organization I needed AND included a section for tasks, right in the calendar inerface.

I found Busy Cal 2 years ago + I haven’t switched it up since.


Thoughts? What do you guys need for work?

PS – follow me on Instagram & watch me fail at not getting Starbucks every day


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