Swipe Up Podcast 038: Game of Thrones + Instagram

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Are There Similarities Between Game of Thrones + Instagram?!

SO, I just watched Episode 3, Battle of Winterfell, have had a few days to process all of that trauma, and it made me think about how GOT can relate to the real world + social media.

Today is a fun episode on some of the similarities between Game of Thrones + Instagram, and some lessons we can all learn from GOT. This was originally a blog post from a LONG time ago — 2015 — and one of my very first blog posts. Check that one out Here.

ATTENTION: If you aren’t caught up on GOT, stop here. There are spoilers, so I’m warning you now!

Some similarities I breakdown:
1. People needing to hear something 7 times before they recognize it.
2. No matter how important you are, you can die (okay, maybe not actually die)
3. Know your strengths + play to them
4. Ignore the purists

SWIPE UP PODCAST NEWS: Season 2 is coming MID MAY. Get excited because there are some minor fun changes that I think you’ll really enjoy.

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