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Today was a super fun Sunday because my sister came over and helped me paint the inside of our closets! Now they’ll be even whiter than before.

Anyway, like a lot of girls, I LOVE Sundays. They’re so chill yet so productive. So I figured this is a great day to just let you guys peek inside my life a little more and get to know some of the things I’ve been loving this week.slightly savvy slightly charmed 1

♡ feminism rant time

Sometimes, I am so baffled by how anyone could even remotely argued that women are inferior. I look around, & I see young women working insane hours and building amazing platforms in order to become a full-time blogger.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet a fair amount of girls who really want to blog full-time. And I think that’s absolutely amazing. And I am constantly in awe of how people balance email lists and social media and writing great content and shooting great photos and editing those photos and leaving comments….AND they still work full-time jobs!!

It blows my mind that anyone could look at a woman and say they’re not the hardest working people I’ve ever met.

I hope that makes sense because I just sat back today and was so proud to be a young woman trying to do this. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing women who are so talented and so creative and SO freaking ambitious and hard-working.

Anyway, other things I’ve been loving this week other than super cool girls…

♡ the handmaid’s tale

I know I am not the only one obsessed with this. I read the book about a week before the TV show came out because I’m weird like that, but the TV show is amazing. I actually like it more than the book.

Basically, it’s set a little bit in the future where an infertility crisis hits, and babies aren’t being born. So this kind of religious government takes over and sets up a structure that forces fertile women to get pregnant in order to repopulate the earth. These girls are called handmaids.

Weird, I know.

Absolutely, watch this on Hulu every Wednesday. It’s so good.

♡ kindle life

Do you guys know what is one of my all-time fave purchases of my entire life?

My Kindle.

Amazon is having this amazingly perfect sale….

kindles are $20 off – these NEVER go on sale

I am kicking myself for buying a new Kindle Paperwhite last month for full price. I think I am on my 4th Kindle in like 6 years (yes, the early models did not last long), & I will never go back.

♡ why the kindle is perfection

  1. Buy any book in the world with a few clicks. Great for when it’s midnight and you NEED to read the sequel to the book you just finished. And terrible for your bank account.
  2. Bring thousands of books anywhere. Your Kindle is perfect for vacay, on a plane, on the beach, etc. I always prep my Kindle with like 10 new books, & then I can swap whenever I want.
  3. Solid battery life. I tried out the Barnes & Noble Nook for a while, and the battery just died so quickly, I ended up returning it. I’m not about sitting at a wall charger at all times.
  4. Kindle Unlimited – this has given me life for years. $9/month for literally thousands of free books…before this, I was legit spending like $100 on books a month. Get completely unlimited books like The Handmaid’s Tale, Hunger Games, The Princess Bride, and more.
  5. It comes in white….aka looks good on your Insta.

get your Kindle for $20 off –> here

If you sign up for Kindle Unlimited, you can actually read The Handmaid’s Tale for free -> sign up for Unlimited here & buy the book here


♡ the Gary Vee audio experience (podcast)slightly savvy gary vee

If you have ambitions to be a full-time blogger, I highly highly highly recommend Gary these podcasts. If you take nothing away from this blog, I hope it’s that you should check out his podcast. He is an amazing businessman himself and he gives incredible life/hustle advice.

No BS. No stupid slogans. No “coaching.” Just realness.

His podcasts are 100% the reason that I stopped READING and started DOING for my blog.

♡summer means… my friends are home from college!!

In May, my sister because FSU and all of my friends who are still in college come home to the Tampa/Sarasota area. And I love it because I have people to hang out with again !


♡ coffee table books from Urban

why do I love every coffee table book from Urban Outfitters? Idk. But I would like them all delivered.



♡ alexis ren vibes – aka my Spotify playlist of the moment

this is my like most recent Spotify playlist of jams. All of my fun new songs are added to here, so listen to my faves if you want –> here

lots of white girl rap. sorry I’m not sorry.

slightly savvy slightly charmed 1


Alright fam, what else should I watch on Netflix/read? You guys always have great recommendations…leave them below plz and thank you.


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