Slightly Charmed: Rose Hip Oil, Italy, + Collagen Eye Pads

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Hi guys! So, I’ve missed talking to you like casually. I love love love talking about branding and blogging and helping you guys out. But I also love sharing the random face masks I use, TV shows, and other nonsense I use in my life.

I love reading other people’s “favorites” if you will because it lets me peek into their lives a little more AND if we have something in common (like watching Reign), I get way too excited and love them even more.


collagen eye pads + caffeine eye cream / /

Idk why but I’ve been looking TIRED recently. So, I’ve been trying out a little eye care routine that is making me look less The Walking Dead and more Blake Lively.

origins caffeine eye cream

I’ve talked about this eye cream before here and here. Really it is my ride or die, probably my most repurchased beauty product.

♡ ingredients

coffee beans – antioxidant age-fighting to memory boosting

ginseng – stimulates physical and mental activity without the side effects of other stimulants.

♡ benefits

natural optic brighteners rapidly wakes up tired eyes.

reduce dark circles + unsightly bags, refreshing to restore a radiant look

slightly savvy slightly charmed collagen eye pads

buy it –> here

viicode eye pads

I love any kind of collagen eye pads because they do an awesome job of perking my eye balls up and making me look less tired. These eye pads are SO moisturizing and as soon as I took them off, my eye area looked less dried out and more glowy.

♡ ingredients

vitamin E – neutralizes the oxidant effect of free radicals, which damage collagen + cause skin dryness, fine lines, + wrinkles

sodium PCA – retains moisture, prevents skin cells from losing water + drying out, reduces inflammation, + prevents aging damage

♡ benefits

minimize visible signs of aging around eyes

reduces fine lines + wrinkles

moisturizes + soothes delicate under eye area

buy it –> here


♡ viva italia!

So, we booked a semi random 10 day trip to Italy in August. I am super pumped to be going back to the motherland (my dad’s family is Italian + Armenian) and I also studied abroad in Florence 3 summers ago.

We’re starting out in Florence for a few days + then driving down to the Amalfi Coast. SO pumped.

I am so sad to leave little Tallie, but she will be safely with her grand wolves while we’re gone.

ALSO – sorry I can’t not talk branding for a sec. I like to test out everything I advise to you guys with my own brand/blog to double check it works. 

So, I pitched myself to several hotels and wine tours to see if they wanted to host me when I’m in Italy. 

I want to show you guys the wholleeee way it went down and help you guys do the same.

I followed my own advice you can read in Breaking Down Email Pitches: What Works + What Doesn’t (here), which was Day 2 of my little Brand Babes mini series I did. 

spoiler alert: the tips work.

me…circa 2014 in Florence

organic spinach hair mask / / 

You guys know I struggle a LOT with brassiness in my blonde. To combat that, I’m constantly using products that are cleansing my hair pretty harshly…and because of that, my hair can be real dry sometimes.

I love cruelty-free, natural products, AND I love using hair masks as every day conditioner (I wrote about that here). I’ve been using this espinache hair mask every day for like a week now, and my hair is SO soft and shiny.

like please…observe that shine right there.

♡ ingredients

no parabens, sulfates, silicones – basically anything that will turn your blonde a weird color

100% vegan

organic spinach, sage + rosemary essential oils, avocado oil

♡ benefits

avocado oil boosts limp hair

essentials oils add shine + also prevent discolorations

you can buy it –> here

 rose hippie + sunday riley UFO / / 

Another powerful skincare duo I’m loving lately.

I have oily skin, so I’m always slightly (massively) concerned when I put oils on my face because I’m internally praying so hard for it not to break me out.

I’ve been using Rosehippie + Sunday Riley’s UFO clarifying oil for like the last 2 weeks and I am OBSESSED with this combo.


This face oil is bomb.

If you’re looking for that glow up…check this out. Anything that promises to make me glow…I’m sucked in.

Plus, it’s $25 for a pretty big bottle with alll organic I’m sold.

♡ ingredients

 organic rosehip oil, essential oils, flowers + vitamin E oil

multi-tasking dry oil, full of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, + vitamins; infused with essential oils + flowers to boost benefits

♡ benefits

diminishes acne scarring, brightens complexion, boosts radiance

 targets blemishes, fine lines + dull texture

smells super good

buy it on etsy –> here

sunday riley UFO

So this isn’t your typical radiance boosting, brightening oil.

It’s anti aging AND acne fighting. Basically the 2 struggles of my life.

♡ ingredients

salicylic acid 1.5% – clears congested pores; treats + prevents acne + blackheads

tea tree oil + black cumin seed oil – helps purify the skin + supports clarity

licorice root and hexylresorcinol – naturally brightens the appearance of dark spots

♡ benefits

 clear congested pores, treat + prevent acne (my main use)

smooth the appearance of fine lines + wrinkles for clearer, smoother skin

buy it –> here

 the 100 / / 

Am I 15 years too late on this show? Absolutely. I never got into this show when it was on TV, but I watched allll of it on Netflix, and it’s definitely a binge worthy show.

Like it might not become one of your all time fave shows but it’s an interesting plot line.

 8 out of 10 – would recommend. 

slightly savvy slightly charmed collagen eye pads

 toned / / 

So we leave for Italy on July 26. Which means I have 24 days to get shredded. Probs not going to happen but I am going to make a HUGE effort to eat super clean.

Basically , I’ll be following my own paleo eating plan (you can peep it here)

Also, I kind of haven’t worked out since September 2016…so, I bought some cute 6 pound weights (here) + used my very un-used fitness pinterest board workouts (here).

these are the perfect at home weights with various sizes too –> here

follow me on spotify + get toned too –> here

Guys, what were your favorite beauty products this month?? I’m always down to try new stuff out.

As always, follow along on Instagram if you wish –> here / / I’m doing more branding, blogging, social media tips on there


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