Breaking Down 5 Myths of Pitching to Brands // Mini Camp

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I work in PR, meaning every day in my normal 9-5, I capture press placements, run social media and content strategies, and work with bloggers/influencers on the flip side of blogging.

I work on the side that bloggers work with when they partner with a brand for a collaboration.

Every day, I get tons of emails and DMs with questions, and they all seem to fall under a common theme.

Pitching to brands is obviously a really important aspect of blogging, especially at this moment in the industry.

A lot of the questions I get are always like, “Is it true that…?”

Which is why I wanted to create something that solely focused on busting the myths of pitching to brands.

What You’ll Learn

  • Breaking down the common myths of pitching to brands
  • Talking why some of the pitching tips on Pinterest + Google are outdated
  • What bloggers DO need instead to reach out to brands
  • Fun resources to continue your learning on each day’s topic

Seem like something you’re interested in?

Then, let’s get to myth busting together.

Drop your email below.

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