My Week In Trello: Business Organization + Productivity Tips [And Templates!]

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When I was in about 7th grade, every month, the Pottery Barn Teen catalog would hit my mailbox…

And I would skip past the cute bedding, girly furniture, and go straight to the storage and organization part…

Color-coded boxes, bins on bins, drawer organizers, makeup storage… I was OBSESSED.

Cue fall in Florida (which plot twist: doesn’t actually feel like fall because it still 95 degrees), and I would anxiously wait for the day when my teacher released the school supply shopping list…

And then I would immediately force my mom to take me to Target, drag her to the school supply section, and proceed to spend hours color coding all my classes – geometry binder and matching folder were blue, history was pink, science binder and organizer were green… You get it.

When I was starting my own business on the side while working full-time, and especially when I quit my full-time job last November, I desperately needed a file organization system that could be my home base for everything.

And I do mean everything.

Enter Trello – and specifically, enter My Week board.

PS – you can steal my Trello template at the end!!

my week Trello template //

Because I run my own business, I know pretty much what I’m going to be working on every single week, and I know that they’re going to fit in specific bucket. Those buckets become cards that I can lay down over a single week, move as I need it, add a checklist in, etc.

I definitely plan on creating some more tutorials, video trainings etc. that maybe cover cello a little bit more in depth-but since this post was last minute, I’m just going to tell you some quick quick Trello tips.

quick Trello tips

Download the mobile app

Trello is definitely best on desktop in my opinion, but it is super super helpful to have it on your phone.

Power ups!

Don’t forget that on the free plan, every board gets one power of these are things like Google Drive, calendar view, things like that.

Those are the two most common power ups are use, but now that my business is a little bit more involved, I did upgrade to try a little business, which gives me absolutely everything, and it’s super cheap.


Drag and drop flexibility

A big part of the flexibility of the my week board I’ve created is the ability to drag and drop things on different days. For example, if I don’t finish all of my Pinterest work on Thursday, I can just drag that little card over to Friday.

If you want to sign up for Trello, the best part is it is absolutely free – use this link here and I will be super appreciative! 

Drop your email in the box below, and this Trello template will get sent to your email!

Plus, if you want more Trello organization like this, do me a favor and screenshot your My Week board and tag me on Instagram stories!

It’ll help me know how many of you are really really interested in Trello organization like this, so I can make more cool stuff for you if it’s what you want 🙂



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