Quitting My 9-5 + Launching My Own PR Firm

Slightly Savvy is an influencer's sneak peek behind the scenes of the PR world, built to deliver the most transparent PR insights to bloggers + influencers who want to transform their blog into a business.

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If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you might know I’ve been teasing some secrets for a little while.

Andddd if you’re on my email list (which you can join here), you already know this news!

If I had to describe my previous PR job, I would say I majored in traditional PR while minoring in influencers.

Andddd if you asked my mom to describe my job, she would say, “Something with….Facebook?”

Sure, Mom, close enough.

A lot of what I did was traditional PR like press, media interviews, running social media strategies, media buying, etc…and then, about 35% of what I did was working with bloggers, influencers, content creators… whatever your word of choice is.

Over the last year of building Slightly Savvy, launching Summer Camp (a program for bloggers allll about working with brands), and really starting to create a hub of knowledge for content creators….I realized I really really love working in this little niche of PR.

This little niche that combines PR and content creators.


Over the last two weeks, I quit my regular full-time job, launched my own PR firm (Slightly Savvy PR, if you’re curious) that specializes in bloggers + influencers, hired an intern, partnered up with 3 clients.

^looks so glam, right? laundry on the table, random paleo book

“Slightly Savvy is an influencer’s sneak peek behind the scenes of the PR world, built to deliver the most transparent PR insights to millennial bloggers + influencers who want to transform their blog into a business.”

 I’m so freaking grateful and so freaking excited for these new projects.

Thanks to you guys, I feel like I speak both sides of brand-blogger partnerships.

I understand the struggles of brands only wanting you to work for free, or backing out on partnerships, or wanting you to do a full marketing campaign for them for $100.

It’s really frustrating for you guys.

And on the flip side, I GET the pressures that brands have to prove marketing dollars, how hard it is to get higher ups to even approve working with bloggers (much less pay them).

It’s truly a dream to pick and choose exactly which brands I want to work with.

And even more of a dream to work with content creators like you guys full time.

So basically, I’m now majoring in influencers and minoring in traditional PR.

What the f does this mean for you? //

Okay, you stuck with me for the looooong “me” focused story.

Here’s why this matters to you.

  • Wayyy more behind the scenes in influencer PR – I want to bring you guys along as MUCH as confidentiality allows me to…I’m all about sneak peeks behind the curtain.
  • More working with brands + influencer content – all the secret strategies + insider tips I grab along the way will be directly handed over to you guys
  • More targeted workshops – Workshops are super fun, and I have some plans for really specific topics, backed by some real-life examples
  • Slightly Savvy gets to be a MAJOR focus for me – Slightly Savvy is the hub where allll this influencer knowledge is going to live – think resources like brand lists, more printable guides, obviously more content, etc.


Thank YOU

Again, thank you guys so much for allowing me into your lives, your blogs, your brands…

And thank you always for your support, tweets, comments, DMs. It always means the world to hear back from you blogging babes and get to know you more.

For all the behind the scenes glam (sarcasm, obviously), follow along on Instagram.

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