What Bloggers Can Learn From The Kim Kardashian-West + Jaclyn Hill Brand Collaboration

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A PR Breakdown of the Kim K and Jaclyn Hill Collab

From a PR perspective, I’m always watching people and brands do things and then observing how it plays out months down the road. It’s just the weird PR girl in me, idk.

I’m also the first to admit I am a little crazy observant sometimes. And I watch a LOT of makeup tutorials on YouTube. Putting this together, and throwing in me thinking about PR all the time, and it’s definitely a weird combination.

I want to share with you guys what bloggers can learn from the Kim Kardashian-West + Jaclyn Hill brand collaboration because really, it’s a dream partnership, from a PR perspective, because both Kim AND Jaclyn are getting something for their respective brands.

Take these lessons and apply them to your own blog/business…and I think you’ll see a lot of success, especially long-term.

The Video that Broke the Makeup Internet

So, if you’re into YouTube or makeup tutorials and stuff like that, you’ve probaby definitely seen this video below. It was the #1 trending video on YouTube for like 2 days and has close to 2 million views in that same time. Basically, Kim Kardashian and Jaclyn Hill do their makeup together on camera, talk about Kim’s new beauty line, and the video was posted on Jaclyn’s YouTube channel.

And when I saw this video….I was like you have to be kidding me. I totally saw this coming.

About a year ago, I started noticing this low key collab between Jaclyn Hill and the Kardashian clan.

If you guys don’t know, Jaclyn Hill is a pretty famous YouTuber. She’s the creator of Champagne Pop with Becca Cosmetics and has close to 5 MILLION subscribers on YouTube. She’s a beauty/makeup artist who started 5 years ago on YouTube when being a vlogger wasn’t even a thing, and over the last 5 years, she’s really turned herself into a biz with brand collaborations and what not.

And then on the flipside, everyone in the world knows who Kim Kardashian is. My dad’s family is actually Armenian, so I remember watching keeping up with the Kardashian’s with my little sister and thinking it was so cool that we were “related.”

The Build Up of this Brand Collaboration 

I’ve followed Jaclyn for YEARS, and she always used to upload amazing videos with great tips, and she seemed super cool and down to earth. About 2 years ago, it really seemed like that vibe changed, she was never uploading, she never responded to anything.

Sooo, she’s not uploading like ANY videos. And when the first Kylie Jenner Kyshadow palette launched, I noticed she had a review video up in 24 hours that basically went viral.

Her video was retweeted by Kylie, streamed on Kylie’s exlcusive app…aka Jaclyn got SO much exposure with that video.

I was kind of like, “Hmm….whatever.”

Keep in mind after this, Jaclyn got even worse about uploading videos – it was literally like she uploaded once a month and that was it.

THEN, the next time the Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian-West lip kits came out…..

Again, Jaclyn has a video uploaded lightning fast, gives like a glowing review of the products, her video gets SO much attention, Kim K retweets her, etc. 

NOW, this week I saw the official KKW and Jaclyn Hill collab video live. And I saw that Kim and Jaclyn were tweeting, snapchatting, instagramming, and everything else before their collab went live, hyping it up.

Looking at the build up of this collaboration, I felt like there was a LOT of strategy that isn’t normally visible to the public eye, you know? Usually, partnerships like this don’t necessarily leave this kind of social media paper trail, so it was really fun for the PR girl in me to watch the culmination of alllll this hype and build up.

AND looking at 2 massive brands (JH and KKW), there’s a lot of lessons that us normal bloggers can walk away with.

What Bloggers Can Learn From The Kardashian-Hill Collab


When Jaclyn posted her review of Kylie’s Kyshadows, Kylie re-tweeted her video immediately. And I’m pretty sure she posted a Snapchat of her video, too. Then, with Kim, Jaclyn ALSO got retweeted and all that jazz.

For Jaclyn, this was was AMAZING exposure. We all know the Kardashians have literally MILLIONS on millions of fans, so Jaclyn just got in front of one of the world’s largest audiences…for free.

Or basically, from the work of filming, uploading, and editing that video.

On top of the exposure to Kylie fans, this Kylie/Jaclyn situation got written about, tweeted about, talked about on Reddit, amplifying her brand EVEN more.

So, the next time you want to reallllyyyy blow off that opportunity because it’s not 100% paid or it’s just a long shot collab, seriously think it over.

  • submit your blog posts for chances to be featured – idc if it’s a long shot, if someone calls for the best travel posts on London, submit yours

not every partnership needs to be traded on money

Partnerships are the long game. Branding is the long game. Jaclyn and the Kardashian clan showed that over the course of the year, they were building a relationship by helping each other out…

Kylie was giving Jaclyn millions and millions of brand exposure + Jaclyn was giving her stamp of approval to the Kardashian’s entering the YouTube beauty community.

Jaclyn is extremely well known in the beauty community, and I fully believe that Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian looked at her as a great gateway into the beauty community that exists on YouTube and social media.

They’re not wrong.

And for Jaclyn, this is an absolute once in a lifetime opportunity to work with the Kardashians.

  • build GENUINE relationships with bloggers at your level and slightly above – retweet them, comment on their posts, support their sponsorships, and do so for MONTHS
  • be yourself when you respond to people – I feel like there’s a lot of “standard” responses people give to comments. Nothing bores me faster than a generic response to my comment on a blog or Insta
  • if you have a unique skill, offer to help – help other bloggers out for free. If your advice is actually amazing, they will be your biggest press


brand legitimacy

Remember ethos, pathos, logos, from high school/college? Well, this is the ethos part.

Their collab was ultimate #brandlegitimacygoals.

Jaclyn’s goal is (probably) to build her YouTube empire, finding new ways to establish herself as THE beauty guru. And Kim’s goal is to be creating a relationship to a product that girls from age 13 to 40 want to buy. And those girls are watching Jaclyn Hill on Youtube.

  • look at who is an authority in your niche – offer to help them with something or the next time they ask for a guest post, jump on it
  • if you’re a food blogger, take beautiful pictures and see if one of the huge food blogger accounts wants to repost it
  • pitch yourself to brands – sometimes, just getting your feet with a small brand collaboration you really love, is a great legitimizer. Think about some lesser known brands you really love and pitch to them with value (learn more on working with brands –> here )

Wrap Up

Mostly about this whole collaboration, I think….good for you guys. Good for both of them on building brands and creating opportunities for themselves. I’m always a HUGE supporter of betting on yourself.

But Jaclyn, if you read this, please put out more videos 🙁

What are your thoughts on this collab??




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