How to Pitch for Summer Travel: Blogger Tips

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Aaron Carter’s Summertime plays in the background, rosé by the pool…aka it’s summertime. 

And I’m coming at you live with a fun summer topic that has popped up more than a handful of times in both my inbox and Insta DMs over the last few weeks.

Summer travel.

And as a blogger and influencer, how do you get sponsored travel for the summer?

Because that’s totally the dream, right?

Getting paid to bop around Disney World for the day, Mickey Mouse ice cream in hand….

or heading down to Hilton Head or the Florida Keys for beautiful sun-soaked days on the beach…and not only are you going for FREE but you’re getting PAID to write about it.

It totally sounds like the ultimate blogger dream.

So it doesn’t surprise me that so many people recently are curious on how to pitch for summer travel, who to reach out to, etc.

Also…just to insert some PR perspective now (that’s why you guys are here, right?) but be aware: everyone and their mother wants to travel for free.

So tourism agencies, theme parks, beautiful hotels with infinity pools overlooking the Amalfi coast…well, they have their pick of influencers most of the time.

They can be as selective as they want and weed through the pitches until they find someone with an ideal audience size who will work with their pricing.

Make sense?

Just keep in mind it’s a competitive world out there.

Who should I reach out to? //

I’d recommend a mix of local tourism agencies, small boutique hotels, large chain hotels, etc.

You might find for your audience size/demographic one category is more excited to work with you and vice versa.

Plus, every location caters to one category or the other…Italy might be more small boutique hotels while NYC is home to more chains.

Your best bet is diversify your pitches, and then see who responds the most.

What should I say?? //

When I went to Italy last summer, aka the homeland of my maybe-was-in-the-mafia-but-if-i-told-you-i’d-have-to-kill-you family, a good portion of our two-week stay was FREE.

And in case it wasn’t already obvious, I am NOT a travel blogger literally whatsoever.

But I pitched every single one of our hotels for a discounted stay, and we did the bulk of our day trips and excursions for free.

I didn’t even do a blog post – just 4-6 Instagram Stories for the day.

And it’s not because I’m just SO amazing they couldn’t resist me.

I simply know how to pitch, how to pivot to address EXACTLY what they need, and who to approach.

And want to know the main secret??

SOLVE their problems for them.

For example….

    • Excursion places like wine tours NEED content of people going on their tour, having a blast, drinking with friends, etc.
  • Boutique hotels might NEED more reach + awareness – they want eyeballs + people bookmarking their Insta page for when they make their next trip

In your pitch, solve their problem for them.

They need content? Well, you’re a dang good photographer + you’ll let them use your photos on their website.

They need people from southeastern US cities to book a day trip? Your audience is 70% on the East Coast.

Focus your pitch not on necessarily why YOU want to partner with them – but what you can HELP them on.

Again, does that make sense??

So when you guys are dreaming of your summer vacay plans, schedule in some time to pitch to hotels, wineries, travel excursions, etc in the area. 

Basically add in some MORE fun to your trip and maybe get paid to do it.

Want to steal the exact templates I used to pitch my Italy trip last summer?

Of course you do – Drop your email at the bottom of this post and it’ll zoom to your inbox.

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