3 Ways to Strategically Launch Your IGTV: How to Brand Your Channel

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You guys, this was a huge week in terms of influencers, YouTube, and Instagram…specifically freaking IGTV that was announced this week.

Now I never really get too hyped about announcements because they happen all the time and sometimes, they don’t exactly end up being what they promised.

But honestly, I am hyped about IGTV. I think it’s so amazing that Instagram now allows long-form videos, so if you want to dive into video, you don’t HAVE to hop onto very saturated YouTube.

Weirdly enough, one of my goals at the beginning of this year was to start a YouTube channel!

And then I dove into editing, graphics, music, formatting, filming, lighting…and it got to be a little bit of an overwhelming beast – especially when I was already writing blog posts, doing Insta Stories, Insta Lives – which I felt were better formats for my specific content.

But I know video is super important and I wanted to figure out a way to still create it…so basically IGTV came in this week and saved my life!

Enough about my struggles.

Let’s talk about IGTV and how you guys can brand your channel.

1. Create consistent headlines

So, I love focusing on ways to stand out because I know that platforms can get really such a really fast, so I asked them some best practices on creating a IGTV channel that stands out from the crowd AND performs better in terms of getting discovered. 

One of the best ways to brand your videos and your overall IGTV channel is to keep some kind of consistency/theme with your titles.

It gives your readers a clue as to what the video is going to be about AND gives you some cutie bonus points for branding.

Here are some great examples I’ve come across with some key things I noticed…

  • Emojis: use them to give your readers a heads up of what to expect (????= announcement, ????= behind the scenes look, ????= travel vlog…you get the idea)
  • Series ideas: With the idea of consistency here, think of your IGTV channel like an old school TV channel – think of your videos as a continuation in a mini series on TV instead of one-off videos. (5 part series on paying off debt, 3 part video on your ultimate travel guide, etc.)

2. Build a library first for people to binge on

This is pretty normal advice for podcasts, too – instead of “launching” your IGTV with one video, start with one but then quickly create a library for people to binge on.

We all love binging, right??

I know I’m personally sad when I go to a YouTube channel/podcast/whatever and there’s only 1 or 2 videos/episodes to watch.

Sivan Ayla has recently become one of my FAVE people to watch on Instagram, and within the last 2 weeks, she’s uploaded like 10 videos to IGTV.

I love it because I think it gives people a chance to really get a feel for her and the content she’s putting out.

And people are always more likely to stick around when they have multiple videos to watch.

3. Make an intro video

An easy + simple one – but not totally obvious. Make an intro video be one of the first things you upload to IGTV. Give your readers/followers a hint of what they can expect from your channel AND how it’ll be different than your other platforms (mainly YouTube if you’re on there).

I don’t think an intro video has to be hugely long or formal either – you could even chop together a bunch of clips from your previous Insta Stories or YouTube vids.

Show some personality, show who you are, and introduce yourself.

Overall Thoughts on IGTV

You know, per usual, everyone FREAKS out when something new gets announced for social media.

I feel like it’s always a split divide of people who are annoyed at just ANOTHER thing they have to post on and some people see it as an opportunity.

I always live in the camp of…IT’S WORTH TRYING OUT.

I think IGTV is worth experimenting with for a month or so if 1) you have an interest in video and 2) you think your audience would like the format

I don’t think there’s anything to lose by trying it out, you know??

The worst case scenario is you waste your time but best case scenario is you land on a gold mine of a way to connect with your audience, play with your creativity, and allow your readers to now you on a deeper level.

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