Father’s Day Wellness Gift Guide

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Father’s Day Wellness Gift Guide

Happy Monday, fam. I’m sitting here watching The 100 (does anyone else watch this) and getting ready to watch some people called the Cavs play the team with Steph Curry’s daughter.


Dad’s just don’t like wellness right? I picture dads like grilling, red steak in hand, drinking a beer. Basically the opposite of #health.

So I thought it would be great this Father’s Day to add a little wellness into your dad’s life. Give these gifts a whirl, and see if you can make your dad a little more bone broth and a little less…bone-in rib-eye. (was that terrible? lmk)

♡ harry’s father’s day shave setslightly savvy fathers day wellness gift guide

Harry’s was one of the OG brands to really capitalize on social media and video marketing. I remember studying their viral video here in Advertising my junior year of college. Harry’s just gets it…they got it with this video, which was one of the first branded content pieces that snagged national attention.

Flash forward 3 years later and Harry’s branding is still bomb. Like that blue color is very on brand.

Also, you know something smells good when Tallie steals it, takes the cap off, and starts licking it. This Father’s Day shave set went to Michael because he is a #dogdad, and he is basically obsessed (even though he will never admit when he likes things.)

Plus, if you sign up for Ebates, you can get 12% cash back –> sign up for Ebates here + buy the shaving set here w/ free shipping

slightly savvy fathers day wellness gift guide

♡collagen…for boys

I love collagen for hair, skin, nails, basically everything beauty….now enter, men’s collagen.

You can read more wellness hacks –> here

Sometimes, I drug Michael with this collagen and he doesn’t even know. (sorry I’m not)

breakdown of collagen benefits

made from fresh, wild-caught snapper

promotes youthful + healthy skin

healthier hair + stronger nails

natural glycine promotes stronger immune system, digestive health, and your central nervous system


slightly savvy fathers day wellness gift guide


♡for your startup gentleman…drink your collagen out of this

This next gift is for mental wellness. And it’s perfect for throwing 1-2 scoops of collagen into coffee, tea, whatever…I won’t tell.

Such a TRUE message. Probably Gary Vee approved, too.

buy it on Amazon –> here



♡#fitbit life 

Every dad needs a fitbit to match his adias running pants, right? Dads love tech, and a Fitbit might even trick him into walking a little extra or taking the stairs.

Worth a shot, right? And you know he’s going to brag to his co-workers about his kids getting him a Fitbit.

buy it on Amazon –> here


♡GMO-free, probiotic-filled protein powder

For the dad who works out. This protein powder is made with no GMOs AND it has probiotics. Plus great reviews on Amazon.

buy it on Amazon –> here

slightly savvy fathers day wellness gift guide

♡ gary vee’s “jab, jab, jab right hook: how to tell your story in a noisy social world”

I’ve talked about this book SO many times. If your dad owns a business or just loves sales/marketing/biz, this book is for him.

Basically, the premise is to give, give, give…ask from your audience/customer. It’s an AMAZING read.

buy it on Amazon –> here

♡ grilling kabob baskets

One of the easiest ways to eat a good combo of meats + vegetables is kabobs. But it is a super pain to keep them on the stick, not fall into the grill, etc.

I discovered these on Amazon the other day and I was like WHAT. Game-changer.

Get your dad some kabob baskets, so he can make some super easy healthy kabobs. Honestly, just buy these for yourself, too.

obviously on Amazon –> here

slightly savvy fathers day wellness gift guide



Also until 3 PM EST, Tuesday June 13, comment on my Instagram (here) or DM me on what content you want to see more of, and I’ll send you the Harry’s Father’s Day Shave Set! Not sponsored, not #ad. Just as a huge thank you from me to you + your dad. I’ll pick one winner, and ship it your way.

Also, for the moms who are doing double duty on Father’s Day….you get tons of respect from me. If you’re in need of a mom gift on Father’s Day, peep the Mother’s Day Wellness Gift Guide here

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