How to Email Pitch to Brands as a Blogger: Do’s + Dont’s From a PR Perspective

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How to Email Pitch to Brands as a Blogger + Influencer

The hottest thing in the world right now in the blogging community is working with brands, right?

And it totally makes sense why.

Working with brands is one of the biggest ways bloggers are able to monetize their blog and turn their side-hustle into a full-time income.

And working in PR, working in influencer relations, I both send and receive pitches from bloggers ALL the time. 

I get questions in my inbox alll the time like…

  • “This brand reached out to me…what in the world do I say??”
  • “I’m dying to work with Pottery Barn on an Easter campaign…but I have NO idea what to say!”
  • “Who do I email at a brand? And how the heck do I find this info?”

Girl, I got you.

Doing press and media for a client roster of A-list celebrities out in Hollywood, a former U.S. Senator, and multi-million dollar tech startups, I’m in the trenches of pitching. 

And then working with some of the largest YouTubers and bloggers out there, negotiating their brand deals and vetting them for collaborations, I get to see the inside workings of their business.

Long story short – pitching consumes my life.

out in Palm Springs, California working with one of my clients on a brand collaboration photoshoot

Before the Email: Prep Work

Before you hit that “send” button with your fingers crossed and your heart just slightly pounding, here are some prep work items to work through.

Finding the contact for the brand

Some people are going to say not to use the email email because you won’t get a response.

I disagree – I think if you do the right email pitch, you WILL get forwarded to whoever you need to be in front of.

OR you can go on LinkedIn, go to the company page, go to employees, and then search for marketing and public relations. Then, find the person who does “brand partnerships, digital marketing, public relations,” some kind of title like that.

You could write multiple emails to multiple individuals, trying to guess who the perfect person is for you to be in contact with.

Honestly, I would recommend going with a really strong email to the info@sundayriley or pr@sundayriley email. 

It’s going to save you a lot of time. And I get good pitches forwarded to me all the time by a support or contact email.

To media kit or not media kit?

That’s the real question, right guys?

So, should you attach your media kit to the first email you send to a brand?

My unconventional opinion on this is NO. 

  • You give up your negotiation leverage if your pricing is flat out stated in your media kit
  • Sometimes, media kits don’t lay out the exact info a brand or PR firm needs…and then you’re just putting yourself one step back
  • Brands aren’t always going to look at an attached PDF – to be honest, this happens all the time. Don’t put key info in your media kit when half the time, it’s not even going to be opened

What to Put in Your Email Pitch to a Brand

  • catchy + short subject line
  • direct link to your Instagram + blog
  • qualitative stats – engagement rate, monthly views, growth from month to month
  • short, sweet, to the point – 3 paragraphs max, 3 sentence paragraphs
  • a genuine compliment is always nice
  • no extra clicking – don’t direct me to your press page or somewhere else – if you want to tell me about press, quickly list the top 3 brands you’ve worked with
  • genuine!! if this looks like the email has been copied + pasted 18 times…I’m already over it

Here’s the kicker guys – some people want to sell you these big email templates for pitching to brands.

Or they want to design a media kit for you for a lot of money.

You just don’t need that, in my opinion.

1. As a PR person, I am absolutely never going to scroll through a 10 page PDF/media kit.

2. You have a 50-50 shot of me actually looking at a 1-page attachment.

3. Don’t do yourself the disservice of waiting on a media kit or waiting on a certain number of followers. The time is NOW and the opportunity is NOW.

email pitch to brands

Dont’s of Email Pitching…and How to Turn Them Into Do’s

So, guys, I work with a lot of bloggers on pitching through Summer Camp, 1 on 1 client work, and strategy sessions.

Here’s are the dont’s of email pitching…and also how you could improve each email to be a DO.


the “shoot yourself in the foot before you even start” email

“Hi I’m Erica, I want to partner with Sunday Riley on my blog. I know I’m only starting out, but I would be really really honored to work with you. I don’t have as many followers as some people, but I have almost 1,400 followers on Instagram.

I would love to write about the Martian toner.”

So far, all you’ve done is argue against yourself. You’ve presented 2 great points as to why I don’t really want to work with you.

♡ how to make it a DO / / change the negative to positives

  • I’m a new blogger, so I haven’t partnered with any other brands, so my readers really trust my opinion.
  • My followers are increasing by 20% every month.

If you swap those two sentences, as a PR person, I’m going to see you as a new but promising blogger instead of just a flat-out newbie asking me for a favor.

PS: Want more tips like this to reach out to brands with confidence? Drop your email below to have 2 free pitch templates sent straight to your inbox!


the “flat out ask for free product 

Hi I’m Erica, I want to partner with Sunday Riley. I’m going to write a post about traveling to Italy on summer vacation and what skincare to bring along. Here are the products of yours and I’m interested in:

  • CEO moisturizer ($40)
  • Martian toner (30)
  • Ceramic cleanser ($20)

All that amounts to $90 worth of product. If you could send me that and an additional $50, I would love to write this post.


I’m not lying to you, I’ve seen REAL emails like this. All you’ve done is show me that you want free stuff and then you expect me to pay you when I have no clue who you are, what your blog is, or anything about you.

♡ how to make it a DO / / turn your specific demands into specific unique content

  • use those specifics – so you have 3 products in mind you want to write about. Great.
  • tell me how YOU specifically are going to drive different results for me – you’re going to Italy? cool. tell me how you’re going to bring my brand along and give me exposure.
  • have you worked with brands before? – if yes, let me know. let me know how the partnership went, let me know the sales, let me know the click-through rates


the “You’re putting the work on ME to figure out what to do with your blog”

Hi, my blog is Slightly Savvy and I would love to work with Sunday Riley.

Please let me know if you guys are interested in this!

With this, I have no clue what you’re really asking for. You’re putting it all on me to come up with ideas or figure out what you want. It also takes an additional email for me to respond back to you and be like what do you have in mind.

♡ how to make it a DO / / give me a unique idea I haven’t heard before

  • have a super specific idea already in mind – you want to do an oily skin care series, you want to include a Sunday Riley in a travel content piece on what to put in your carry-on followed up by taking Sunday Riley products through Italy…don’t always put it on the brand to come up with an idea
  • use your creativity – “I want to include Sunday Riley in a skincare post” isn’t a unique idea. “I want to include Sunday Riley in my anti-aging skin care story and break down the individual ingredients and why they work so well” IS a unique idea.

PS: I started a brand new podcast called “Swipe Up: A Podcast for Influencers”! Episode 004 covers blogger event etiquette AND how to reach out to brands + PR firms –>

Listen Here

email pitch brands

The Dream Email Pitch

In a perfect world, I would get emails exactly like this. And perhaps they would also include a $10 Starbucks gift card.

I’m kidding, don’t bribe people.

But also not kidding, I would take a Starbucks gift card.


if you’re new to working with brands 

Hey Katherine,

I’ve used Sunday Riley skincare for over a year now, and it worked wonders on my cystic acne, especially the Martian toner and ceramic cleanser. My readers also love hearing about the Sunday Riley brand, and I know many of them love your products, too.

My blog, Slightly Savvy, sees over 7,000 page views/month with an incredibly high 30% engagement rate. My Instagram also sees about a 30% engagement rate. With summer ending soon, I’d love to share some of your products with my readers on repairing sun damage, protecting against pollution, and anti-aging.

I would love to partner with you guys in some way.




if you have some partnerships under your belt

Hey Katherine,

I’ve used Sunday Riley skincare for over a year now, and it worked wonders on my cystic acne, especially the Martian toner and ceramic cleanser. My readers also love hearing about the Sunday Riley brand, and whenever I post about you guys, I get so many questions

I’ve worked before with brands like Drunk Elephant and Tatcha. With Drunk Elephant, I drove a 40% click through rate with $300 in product sales in 1 week. Over 6 months, they sold $2,000 in Drunk Elephant rise +glow serum.

My blog, Slightly Savvy, sees over 7,000 page views/month with an incredibly high 30% engagement rate. My Instagram also sees about a 30% engagement rate. 

I would love to partner with you guys in some way. 



Try that + let me know how it works.

It’s short, sweet, gives me all the info I need in under 30 seconds.

Want 2 extra free email templates?

I put together another a few more templates for pitching to brands. Like I would want these email pitches in MY inbox.

Drop your email at the bottom of this post, and these will zoom to your inbox immediately!


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