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3 Reasons Brands Love A Blogger’s Email List

September 13, 2017

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Email lists for bloggers are ALWAYS a hot topic in the blogging community. Everyone is always preaching…

  • Grow your list from the beginning !!
  • Create “irresistible” opt-in freebies
  • Your email list is your most valuable asset !

And all of that is pretty much true.

As an added bonus that a lot of bloggers don’t think about, your email list is ALSO valuable to brands.

And this is for a few reasons, which we’ll break down below.

1. Email lists for bloggers show depth in content

Showing that you have a bit more depth than the average hot bikini Instagram model is key.

You guys know this, but a lot of influencers market themselves as “Instagram influencers,” meaning they really only exist in the Instagram world.

Their business is stunning Instagram pics, followers, likes, comments, the whole shebang.

And a lot of times, “Instagram influencers” don’t really do much in terms of 10/10 content (YouTube videos, blog posts, basically anything with depth).

And this is where a lot of major brands run into problems with people who are solely “influencers” or “Instagram influencers.”

Most major brands need an influencer or blogger to have real CONTENT.

When I see an email list of at least a few hundred subscribers, it shows that the blogger isn’t just an “Instagram influencer.”

You know, email lists are not hot bikini butt models. They’re not sexy, but they’re hard work to build. 

disclaimer: girl, if you’re an Instagram model, and you can make $5k per Instagram post, keep doing YOU. 

2. Your stats can’t be faked or bought

On Instagram, it really feels like everyone, their mother, + their dog buys followers, likes, and comments.

These days, you can even do more than buying followers, you can buy the engagement numbers, too.

With email lists, it’s pretty freaking hard to buy subscribers.

Whether your email list is 50 subscribers or 50,000, it’s a high level of engagement is people actually sign up to hear from you.

It’s easy to double tap an Insta photo or follow someone but to give them permission to send you emails to your inbox is another deal.

3. Open rates are a pretty clear indicator of how true your relationship with your readers is

In the great balance of bringing value vs. selling something, open rates on email lists are a pretty good indicator of where you, as a blogger, fall on that spectrum.

How many email lists are you guys subscribed to that you immediately hit “delete” when you get the email?

Becuase you KNOW they are selling you their Facebook mastermind course or Pinterest e-book.

You KNOW there’s going to be little to no value to you in that email.

I personally feel this so hard, and it’s low key one of my biggest blogger pet peeves.

There’s some bloggers who I simply haven’t unsubscribed to because I’m too lazy to open the email. And every time their name appears in my inbox, the newsletter goes straight to the trash.

So…what now?

As you guys start preparing to reach out to brands + businesses for collaborations for the upcoming holidays, think about your email list stats.

  • Strong stats? Include them in your pitch email to a brand.
  • Cultivate your relationship with your email fam – send them exclusive, valuable content. Send them coupons you get no kickback from. Give them a heads up on an industry trend, something they should be aware of, etc.
  • Focus on your open rate by analyzing your past newsletters – which one got the most opens? Most clicks? Most unsubscribers. See if you can identify any trends, and figure out what your audience really enjoys. Then, double down on that.
  • Work on growing your base – Including a simple “btw, if you want to get my exclusive newsletter, sign up here” in almost every blog post will go a long way.

Email Lists for Bloggers 101

Anddd if you’re JUST starting out your email list, here are some of my fave resources that really helped me start my own letter, get it organized…basically figure out what the F I was doing.

How I Gained 101 Email Subscribers in 48 Hours // In Search of Sheila –> here

15 Opt in Freebie Ideas to Grow YourEmail List // Eden Fried –> here

How I Grew My Email List by 725 SUbscribers in 31 Days // Eden Fried –> here

I personally use ConvertKit for my newsletter and love how specific and targeted it is. There’s tonsss you can do with ConvertKit that you can’t with other platforms (get a free trial for 1 month, too, here)

Wrap Up

Also, what do YOU want to hear more about?? I love to always be writing about questions you guys have and topics you can about.

So, feedback + requests here.

And if you want to be a part of the exclusive PR newsletter that goes out Sunday nights, drop your email below to join the fam.


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