Blogging Checklist: Questions to Ask Before Hitting “Publish”

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slightly savvy blogging checklist

Blogging Checklist Using “10 Ways I Stay Healthy Working at a Desk All Day”

Alright fam, so this post is a continutation of 8 Blogging Rules I’m Ignoring. When I started building out this litmus test, I realized just how game-changing asking myself these questions was.

Hence, a spin-off post. The most important part of this practice is being COMPLETLY honest. And if your gut says no, your answer needs to be NO.

Without further ado, here are the questions I ask myself before clicking “Publish.”

For the sake of clarity, I’m going to use my “10 Ways I stay Healthy Working at a Desk All Day” because I used this exact litmus test on it + massively increased my time on site and reduced my bounce rate.

slightly savvy blogging rules i'm ignoring

Is this a blog I would come back to?

Pre-changes to the blog post, my answer was honestly no. The post was too short, not enough information, and it was not enough unique information.

♡ what I did

looked at my favorite blogs – what do I truly like about them? What made me follow these women for years? What made me trust them so much that I would buy almost anything they recommended or follow them on any social media platform?

slightly savvy 8 questions to ask before clicking publish slightly savvy 8 questions to ask before clicking publish

made my homepage more eye-catching – swapped some images out, bumped some of my better posts up to be newer

Is this information new?

Not really. Then, I looked again and saw a lot of ways I could add a lot of new and helpful aspects to the blog post.

So again, on my “10 Ways to Stay Healthy While Working at a Desk All Day,” I said to work out outside….OK, well what do you do outside?

♡ what I did slightly savvy 8 questions to ask before clicking publish

added some links to and pictures of bodyweight exercises

showed equipment I invested in – outdoor yoga mat, 3 lb hand weights, etc

linked to my Pinterest fitness board that TONS of workouts you can do with no weights

looked at research journals on working out outside + added in statistics to prove my points

You get the idea. It was about going back and adding that little extra that made you either click on a link somewhere else or be like, “Wow I’m actually going to bookmark this information for later.”

Is it completely thorough?

I have a new belief that every post I write should be the most thorough explanation of it. I know this goes against what a lot of people say, that you don’t have to be an expert, but I am going to provide as much information as humanly possible to give value to readers.

♡ what I did 

added in additional research from other bloggers I respect – this was me going through my own Pinterest board and finding some of my favorite blog posts on wellness

linked to products that I actually used myself and LOVED – going through my Amazon order history and finding the weird little items that helped me be healthier at my desk

racked my brain for unique things I do that haven’t been written about 1,000 times (collagen tea, candles at work, etc) + added them in

Is this eye-catching?

I’ll save you the boring details, but basically, I have a problem with images being too big and not being compressed right. This really slows my site speed down, so I was afraid of adding too many photos that would slow down my site speed even more.

As a result, my post had like 3-4 pics.

♡ what I did 

Tested my site speed here – it said my time to load was like 6.2 seconds. And I know from my own field that people are going to click away after 3 seconds of not loading…a.k.a. not good.

slightly savvy 8 questions to ask before clicking publish

slightly savvy 8 questions to ask before clicking publish

downloaded Short Pixel Plugin– It’s a free plug-in that will compress 100 images for free. For 1,000 photos a month, it’s $4.99/month. I noticed an immediate bump in speed after I compressed just those 100 images, so I purchased the full plan.

Went back and manually adjusted the size of photos in my blog post to around 400 x 400 – significantly smaller than 900 x 900.

Anyway, to make my post more eye-catching, I added more photos. I felt like they give you guys more of an insight to who I am…and who doesn’t like pretty things in blog posts?

Do I see a clear next step?

This one is so important – what do you want people to do after reading your post? Click exit? No.

So, YOU need to navigate THEM.

Again…when I looked at my blog post…no.  The post just kind of ended and didn’t leave a clear call to action.

♡ what I did

left the reader with an idea of what I’m doing in my everyday life

slightly savvy questions i ask before hitting publish

gave a call to action on my other social media – follow me on Instagram, follow me on Pinterest

shouted out to some relevant blog posts – linked and encouraged people to check them out if they liked this post

How am I monetizing this post?

If the goal of your blog is to make an income, you (obviously) HAVE to think about monetization. And it 100% does not have to be in a spammy way either.

No matter your niche, there are ways to monetize.

♡ monetize your blog

affiliate links – are there more opportunities for links to products/services you love?

native ads – do I have a native ad widget below my content?

affiliate programs – did you sign up for any affiliate programs that you’re promoting? it’s as simple as Googling “tailwind affiliate program”

How does this look to readers on mobile?

Guys, it’s a mobile – only world. If you’re like me, 60-70% of your traffic is mobile. About 30% is desktop, and the remaining is tablet.

Going back to my “10 Ways to Stay Healthy Working at a Desk All Day…”

♡ what I did

publish the post and preview it on mobile

resized images to be VERTICAL, not horizontal – that way, they are seamlessly integrated into you scrolling on your phone

go from H3 to H2 – swapped some headers from Heading 3 sizing to Heading 2 sizing

bolded calls to action – any action I was encouraging the reader to take…bold that sentence. It’s just more eye-catching on mobile

Pre and Post Using this Blogging Checklist

I don’t have screenshots of before because I didn’t think these edits on my “10 Ways to Stay Healthy Working at a Desk All Day” would be so huge.

♡ links clicked/engagement

before: 0

after: 20 outbound clicks (after 1 day)

♡ exit rate before/after

before: almost 97%

after: 79.35% 

slightly savvy blogging checklist

♡ time on post before/after

before: 1:01

after: 2:28 (more than double)

slightly savvy blogging checklist


Blogging Checklist Wrap Up

♡ Is this a blog I would come back to?

♡ Is this information new?

♡ Is it completely thorough?

♡ Is this eye-catching?

♡ Do I see a clear next step?

♡ How am I monetizing this post?

♡ How does this look to readers on mobile?

SO, how did you guys feel about this ? What are your must-dos before hitting publish? Or do you just YOLO it?

As always, I so appreciate you taking the time to read my blog posts. If you leave your blog below, I would love to check it out!


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