9 Marketing Lessons From Game of Thrones

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“Winter is coming.”

1. Create a catchy slogan.

“Winter is coming.”

“A Lannister always pays his debts.”

A catchy slogan is necessary starting point. For these GoT families, they’re captivating, full of foreshadowing, and tell what motivates the family in a nutshell.

Create a slogan that is simple, clear, and drives a message. Make sure it tells the “why” of your brand/product, and hopefully, your target audience will completely adopt it.


2. Consistency is key

Like I said above, every house in GoT has a slogan that they repeat over and over again.

“Winter is coming” + “A Lannister always pays his debts.”

The slogans are short, sweet, and repeated basically every episode.

In between sips of wine, every word out of Cersei’s mouth is either a thinly-veiled, brilliantly articulated insult or “A Lannister always pays his debts.” Short, sweet, consistent.

In your marketing, keep everything consistent. Colors, fonts, formatting, words, everything. This consistency IS your brand. It’s what makes people not have to look at the name of a red and white can to know it’s Coke.

For example, Instagram, is a simple platform for establishing brand identity. Decide to stick to bright photos or darker images. Warm or cool tones. High contrast or mellow. It’ll keep your brand messaging consistent and recognizable.

3. Appearance matters

Maybe more of a PR lesson, but GoT characters ALWAYS dress the part.

margaery_tyrell khalessi

Photo Credit // Photo Credit

Subtle seductress Margarey? Soft blue gowns with sexy slits and plunging necklines. Regal and witchy Cersei? Commanding royal blues, purples, reds, and greens. Mother of dragons? Light and powerful get ups.

The boys get a little less clothing variation, but you know, they always get the short end of the stick on that. GoT shows that what you look like is just as important as what you do.

Face to face, online, or wherever, how you look is important. You need to dress professional, keep your hair groomed, and keep your makeup basic and glowy. Check out these  hair/makeup tutorials.

| Hair | | And more hair | | Makeup | | Makeup |

4. Stay one step ahead of the competition

GoT is full of backstabbing, lying, and secrecy all to win a really uncomfortable looking chair. Because all the reigning families are warring, they are constantly fighting to stay on top of things.

Take the Lannisters, for example. Cersei has her ear to the ground, and because of this, basically nothing surprises her. She has Plans A-F followed by some more contingency plans. Cersei stays leaps and bounds ahead of her competition, and because of this, she is a powerful force.

cersei lannister

Photo Credit

In the PR world, don’t let yourself be surprised. Part of being a savvy PR pro is staying ahead of the game. Brainstorm all possible problems, and plan solutions.

If you are caught by surprise, don’t get flustered. Pull it together + keep moving.

5. It’s ALL about who you know

The GoT world is also a game of who’s who. Everyone is interconnected (basically because they all hook up), but because of that, relationships are important.

To get things done, you need to cultivate your network. Have friends in high and low places. Also, remember you catch flies with honey, not vinegar. Niceness goes a long way in a fast-moving industry, so don’t brush off that lowly journalist. One day, she might be the editor-in-chief you’re desperately trying to pitch to.

6. Break some rules

Rules are meant to be broken, you know? And GoT shows just how creativity and innovation create some of the best things.

Learn the rules. Master them. Then, make your own.

7. No matter how important you are, you can die

GoT shows us that no matter how integral a character seems, he can die at anytime.

Prime example: Ned Stark. Basically the core character of Season 1, and at the end of Season 1?

Head chopped off, bye Ned Stark.

ned stark

Photo Credit

No matter how important you are, you can lose, fail, get fired, whatever. Bad things can happen. So, be prepared, and don’t ever think that you’re untouchable.

8. NEVER underestimate your competition

A smart marketer stays ahead of all of her competition, not just the top dogs. How many times have you brushed off a smaller competitor, thinking they won’t be a big deal…until they come out of left field to win the game?

Don’t focus on the biggest competitor in the game. Think about everyone. Don’t let your guard down because you think someone isn’t a threat, isn’t smart enough, isn’t going to work as hard as you.

When you underestimate people, you get sloppy, and you lose.

tyrion lannister

Photo Credit

GoT’s biggest underdog? Tyrion Lannister. His dad despises him, he’s a dwarf, no one loves him, the list goes on.

My bet on who comes out on top? Tyrion.

9. Know your strengths + play to them

Know yourself, and know your strengths.

For example, one of my strengths is attention to detail. I can nit pick down to the smallest thing, but in turn, it’s made me pretty good at what I do.

In GoT, everybody plays to their best aspects. Let’s talk about Tywin Lannister. He never pretends to be anything he isn’t. He’s ruthless, money-hungry, and a jerk. And he does all of that really well.

He’s money hungry, so he manages the Lannister’s gold mines. He’s ruthless, so he rules over the family with an iron throne fist. Tywin knows he’s not good at sympathizing or being compassionate or loving his kids, so he doesn’t try.

Don’t try to be what you’re not. If you just aren’t good at Excel, assign the monthly data report to a team member. But you rock at pitching? Offer to take on some extra calls.


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