3 Tweaks Bloggers Should Make to Combat the New Facebook Algorithm Change

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How Bloggers Can Tackle the 2018 Facebook Algorithm Change

Last week, Facebook announced that it’s shifting even more priority to personal pages on Facebook and decreasing the reach of business pages – aka, this is basically doomsday news for anyone in the publishing industry.

Read about it more in New York TimesBusiness InsiderWall Street Journal

For years now, major media companies and smaller brands to have built their website traffic on the back of Facebook.

Some digital media companies even estimate that 30 to 40% of their total revenue comes from Facebook.

And now Facebook is saying that it’s strangling that yet again.

Organic reach on Facebook had dropped down uber low. Like low as in 2 to 3% of your audience would see it if you weren’t paying for ads.

So what’s lower than 2 to 3%…1%? 0%

And for bloggers, this is a little bit of the writing on the wall of never putting all of your eggs in one basket.

What Does the 2018 Facebook Algorithm Change Mean for Bloggers?

I know too many bloggers and influencers don’t necessarily rely on Facebook for traffic, but a lot of influencers really been betting heavily on Instagram.

(oh and guess who owns Instagram? Yep, Zuckerberg aka Facebook.)

For bloggers + influencers, I think you should be paying attention to what’s happening

Here are a few tweaks that I think bloggers and influencers need to be making to their social media strategy in 2018.

1. If you’re doing FB, do Facebook Live

Facebook is still prioritizing Live video over anything else.

So bloggers using Facebook Live (and Instagram Live) will get an extra boost in the newsfeed.

Bump the old traditional link posting, photo posting, basically everything you’ve been doing for years because you think you should.

If you’re going to stick with Facebook, put your effort into Live video. I think you’ll see the algorithm benefits the most here.

2018 facebook algorithm change

my Facebook Live in the Summer Camp Facebook group

2. Double down on Pinterest

This is an area that I would bet on the absolute most.

Historically, Pinterest has always been amazing for driving traffic for bloggers.

Even when they do an algorithm change, most bloggers still cite Pinterest as their number one traffic source.

Shift the time you would be spending on Facebook posts over to manual pinning on Pinterest.

All those hours you would agonizingly spend creating posts, scheduling posts, and working on your Facebook page – ditch them and shift that energy to Pinterest.

Pinteresting Strategies e-book

This was the very first learning resource I bought as a blogger.

And I bought it the same day that I decided I would be working in my own business full-time by the end of 2017.

That day was March 17, 2017, and 7 months later in October, I slipped in my two weeks notice at my full-time PR job and went all in on Slightly Savvy because I was already making a full-time income from it.

Huge part of that was because the traffic I was able to get from Pinterest.

This e-book is an amazing resource for bloggers who want to do something different with Pinterest – aside from the usual Tailwind vs. Board Booster tips. 

Pinteresting Strategies talks about manual pinning, which is basically just the method of skipping the schedulers and investing actual time in pinning. 

Learn more about Pinteresting Strategies –> here

2018 facebook algorithm change

The Confused Millennial’s Guide to Pinterest

2018 facebook algorithm change

After I read Pinteresting Strategies, I set up my Pinterest profile just like it said to, used the keyword tips, and then, I was all in on manual planning.

But I was like, “Okay…now how exactly do I manual pin? I would like to do something better than just throwing things everywhere and hoping it sticks?”

That’s where TCM’s Guide to Pinterest comes in.

Rachel breaks down her strategy behind manual pinning strategy – how she keeps track of what pins need to go where, how she knows what boards are working and what doesn’t…basically, she breaks down how she invests her time intelligently when it comes to manual pinning. 

What this course adds for me is an intermediate/advanced level of Pinterest strategies. 

It allows me to manually pin STRATEGICALLY, not just throwing these to random boards, hoping something works.

Learn more about TCM’s Guide to Pinterest –> here

2018 facebook algorithm change

3. Cultivate a relationship with your email list

I know that the blogging world wants to shove it down your throat that your email is your life.

And I will say this – as I work with more and more brands on their individual strategies, I’m seeing so many numbers behind the email lists that actually totally back it up.

Just pulling some stats from bloggers I’ve personally worked with, peeked inside their MailChimp, looked at their brand collab numbers, and seen these revenue numbers for myself…

  • One blogger makes an average of $100 per email sent
  • One blogger generates over $500 WEEKLY in her newsletter 
  • One blogger uses her email list for sponsored content – and she charges almost double her sponsored blog post rate

I almost guarantee you that a single Facebook post does not drive these revenue numbers for your business.

1. Make every email about your subscribers – I was subscribed to soo many weekly newsletters from bloggers that just talked about them – what they did this week, how they felt, products they wanted to sell. Every time you go to hit that “send” button, ask yourself, “What is Nicole (or whatever subscriber name you want to pick) getting from this email?”

2. Minimize the affiliate links and sales – You guys probably feel me on this, but I get so many emails from bloggers that are basically all affiliate promotions. Keep your email list as a safe haven for only the best of the best promotions you know your subscribers would love – and tbh, promotions like that probably come what….once every 3-4 months, right?

if you don’t have an email list or you don’t know what to send, this my all-time fave post for getting started:

and if you want to uplevel what you’re doing now, these are some posts I use to hone my own strategy:

2018 facebook algorithm change

Your 2018 Shifts to Break Up with Anxiety over Algorithm Changes

So, if you’re entering 2018 and all worried about these algorithm shifts…

ditch the old tactics and try these new ones.

1. If you’re going to stay on Facebook, try to go Live at least 1x/week

2. Give manual pinning on Pinterest a try – ditch Board Booster and Tailwind for a month + see how your traffic grows/declines

3. Cultivate your email list as a safe haven for subscribers where they’re not getting sold to every week and they ARE getting huge value 

I wrote this post in one random Sunday because I feel so strongly about people freaking out over changes just because they feel like they should be stressing.

When really, everything changes absolutely every day, and we have to roll with it.

If you loved this post, you’ll love Summer Camp even MORE.

If you’re a serious blogger looking to make serious $$ from working with brands, this is for you.

One blogger used the information in Summer Camp to nail down $1200 in brand collaborations in less than a week AND she upped her normal pricing.

Summer Camp is built to teach you exactly what brands are looking for in influencers, how to email pitch to brands, how to structure your press kit, and SO much more.

You’re also going to get 1 on 1 access to myself and 2 other ladies who work in PR with brands like Dove, Kitchen Aid, and TRESemmé – ask us any questions, get feedback on your blog, talk strategy with us, etc.

“I’m vetting a 50 person list right now, weeding through people who are a fit for an upcoming program. I wish I could help these women understand how to make their content feel more authentic + brand friendly.” – Account + Influencer Relations at Edelman PR

“So many times I’ve wanted to tell bloggers exactly why they weren’t chosen for a campaign and just give them some insider tricks, those little tweaks that take a blogger to the next level.” – Brand Manager at $300M Global Company

I would LOVE to help you guys grow your brands and blogs.

Enroll in Camp –> here


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